850 Lemans Dyno Run by Ed Milich

I was really amazed that this bike pulled as strong as it did. I really didn't do much to the engine, other than reviving it from a dormant state.I rescued it from death row in the back yard at Moto Guzzi Classics, where it sat for about a year. I blew out the cobwebs, gave it a tune up, and brought it out to the track to serve as my race motor for the time being.. Look at that flat torque curve from 3500-7500 RPM. That's one reason why these bikes are so popular!

This motor is a bit of a mystery. What I know is:
-Stock T3/Lemans cam
-Apparently stock 850 bore
- Some mild intake and exhaust porting
- K+N filters over velocity stacks
- Straightened intake manifolds
- Near stock compression (it blows ~180 psi)
- Mystery free flowing exhaust

This is a bit too mild for continued use the racetrack. It was, however, sufficient to get us out there and racing, and it provided a very forgiving powerplant for our first attempt at a race bike.

Air filters were a little bit dirty when I dynoed the bike, hence a bit of a rich condition up top. I’ve seen that happen before.

An interesting story…This Lemans was originally an East Coast bike before Nick Barton bought it and shipped it to Los Angeles. The bike is featured in the front row of the 1994 edition of the panoramic photo that is taken every year at the West Virginia Rally. I walked by that photo in my garage for the past 5 years and only realized that the bike was in there a few days ago. Amazing.