Buell Turn Signal to Cal Integration

Here are the part numbers for the turnsignals. They are off a 2002 Buell Blast:
Y0526.K left rear (use also on right front on Guzzi)
Y0527.K right rear (use also on left front on Guzzi)

Hardware (10x1.25 thin nut and star washer) :

When installing the rears, the nut on the turnsingal needs oriented so as to not interfere with the taillight housing (see Pic 1 below). Otherwise, you might have to nip off one corner of the nut.  The wiring is EASY.  The Buell turnsignals go together the same as the Guzzi ones - just take them apart, unhook the wires at the spade connectors on the bulb socket, fish the wires out of the stock signal then fish them back through the nut, the washer, the plate, then the new Buell signal. I used M6x10 stainless buttonhead screws to attach them to the bike. I made them out of 14 gauge steel.

See pictures of here:
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Jeffery H. Brannen