Aftermarket Peg Options

I hated the stock footpegs on my 2002 Stone, so I decided to do something about it. Here is what I used ( or

Kuryakyn small ISO footpeg bodies #7964 ( #50-4156)
Kuryakyn footpeg adapters for the REAR of Honda cruiser models #8802  ( #50-4161)
Kuryakyn longhorn footpegs #8024 ( #H49607)

I used one longhorn peg on the shift side to give me more foot room around the heel toe shifter.
See the comparison picture and you will see that the longhorn peg is over an inch longer than the stock peg. The regular small ISO bodies are the same length as the stock Guzzi pegs on my Stone.  I ended up buying. (2) sets of the small ISO's, (2) sets of adapters and (1) set of longhorns. I used the regular ISO bodes in the passenger peg area, a regular one on the brake side and a longhorn on the shifter side for the rider. That means I have one extra longhorn body and one extra regular body . The longhorn body on the brake side looked ridiculously long.
The adapters need ground to fit the Guzzi brackets. You will need a pedestal grinder or a dremel tool with a lot of patience. It is a grind to fit operation. The width of the adapters and hole size is perfect, you just need to contour the backside and remove material from the bottom to get the peg to set level with the ground (see pics, including the one that shows old and new side profiles). On another set I did, I actually drilled and tapped for a #10-32 set screw so I could level them out with the ground. I painted the ground area to prevent rust. Note, the stock springs are not used, so your pegs will fold up and stay there if you are not careful. For the riders pegs, you can replace the thru pin with a nut and bolt to squeeze the bracket some to add friction and make accidental fold up less likely. Once you have the adapter done, ANY set of Kuryakyn pegs will work. You can even make use of their stirrups.

See pictures of Jeff's install here:

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Jeffery H. Brannen