Centauro Bars on my Bassa

  I installed a set of Centauro handlebars on my Bassa today. I really enjoy the look and the feel. My Bassa is a 2000 model, so it had the older 22mm handlebars (I actually had EV bars on it before tonight). My Bassa also has EV floorboards, and the slight forward lean with the Centauro bars should help alleviate some butt burn and weight on my tailbone. The installation is very straightforward. I had to drill new locating pin holes on each side for the controls but that's really easy. For parts you'll need
two Centauro supports/risers (02600410), the Centauro handlebar (02600310) and two clamps (02601010). The risers each need a M10 x 70mm bolt that goes into them from under the top triple tree and the clamps each need two M6 x 30mm bolts. If your bike already has the 30mm bars, you can use the original handlebar clamp with the Guzzi eagle as the spacing is the same.

  I had to route the clutch cable slightly differently. It's OK but I'll get the Centauro one that's a bit shorter. I'll also get the shorter Centauro throttle cable. The fast idle cable is fine and doesn't need to be replaced. The front brake hose is too long so I'll get a stainless one from the Aluminum. The ID of the Centauro bar is 18mm on the ends so Throttlemeister I had on my EV bars won't fit. The ID of the EV/Bassa bars is 12mm. 
   Even though I have to replace a few parts, I'm fine with it. The look and the feel is too nice to complain about any parts needed. I think the new Aluminum/Titanium have Centauro bars but they're matte finish instead of chrome. The 30mm chrome Centauro bars look great with the small Euro made Guzzi sport shield I mounted.

  See a few pictures

Mark Pintar