Fixing Side Stands that are Too Vertical

The problem arises on the SPIII, LeMans V, etc. . D.R. in Guzziology talks about shortening the stand, however, there is a better way. All you need to do is alter the angle of the stand, so that it contacts the ground further from the bike.

Remove the stand and bracket (itís just two bolts). One bolt is the transmission to frame cross bolt, the other the LH centre stand. The bike will have to be supported of course.

You will see that the bracket is bent in a shallow V. All that is needed is to make this a slightly sharper, or deeper V.  I put it in a vice, and heated along the line of the angle with an oxy-acetylene torch till the metal was red, then pulled down on the stand (still attached) to alter the angle by about 10 degrees (no more). Make sure you bend along the existing angle.

Then a bit of paint, and bolt it back on.

The stand parks in the same place, but allows the bike to lean at a more respectable angle when deployed, and the foot is further from the bike, giving greater stability. You don't get this if you shorten the stand.

Brian Le Cornu, Surrey, UK
SP III and V50 II