Cheap Drivability improvement for a V7 Sport

   In the seemingly endless process of getting my 73 V7 Sport to run decently, I must report that the most improvement I've gotten from a single part (well, two actually) is the benefit from installing a pair of Harper's light centrifugal advance springs ($2.50). The drivability, idle, and low-end grunt improvements are like night and day.

  If you decide to make this little change, here are a few tips:
   1. Reconnect the condenser wires BEFORE reinstalling the points plate, or you'll never be able to reach them with a screwdriver.
   2. Put the springs on the weight posts first, they are a little bit smaller, then you can get the springs on the plate posts without shooting the little bastards into the darkest corner of the garage.

   Hats off to Dave, Harper's ace wrench, for suggesting that I put the springs in. Dave's knowledge is only exceeded by his willingness to share it.

Peter Yronwode