16M Sport1100 ECU Repair Update 10/16/04

I've been playing around with the voltage regulator issue and have a cleaner setup then last time (pics 1, 2)
Use an L7805ACV, it only requires one jumper wire, by making use of existing board holes. See pics below.
The old reg that smokes itself has been jumpered , this is still done with the center hole as Bill Doll describes (pic 3).
After assembling with an insulated screw to mount the tab, I used hot glue to seal the wire from vibration.

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16M Sport1100 ECU Repair

Here?s the photos of the voltage reg in place. The pc board shot is of the back side, Pin 16 is the 3rd oval shaped solder pad. There is no component in this hole stock. Use the 5 volt out leg from the 7805 and add the jumper over to the old reg location middle hole as described. This eliminates one of the jumper leads. The regulator MUST be isolated  from the heat sink it is screwed to. Use a radio shack 276-1373 mount kit and a dab of heat transfer paste. Then glue down the jumpers to prevent vibration damage.

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