EV Brake pedal mod

  I love the stock brakes on my EV. They've gotten me out of trouble a bunch of times. However, I have made a tiny mod which makes them much easier for me to use. I could never brake smoothly by pushing down vertically on the pedal, the way the stock setup requires. The brakes are just too effective (touchy) for that. When riding two-up, I always bonked helmets with the passenger.

  In any case.... this is a cheap and easy mod. I simple removed the little rubber ankle stub and put it in the bottom of my toolbox. I then cut the lever at the straight section, about an inch back from the rubber pedal. I welded in a 3 inch section of hand shaped round stock with a small section of angle iron on the inside (toward the engine to hide it) as a reinforcement. When I put the lever back on, I adjusted the pedal so it was about 3/4 inch from the floor board at full push.

  Now, the braking is done with the toe, just like in a car. I'm able to modulate the braking so the stops are much smoother and my boot doesn't get wedged under the pedal. I can also leave my foot flat on the board, which is very comfortable.

  This will only work with the EV or other bikes with floorboards, of course.

Sidney in NC