Fixing the dreaded EV Fuel Sensor/gas tank rattle

  The low fuel sensor is probably the cause for the buzz. The buzzing sound appeared in the lower ranges. On the lower bottom left side of the tank, just above head are two metal sensors. The long one on the right is the electric fuel shut off, the "flatter" one is the low fuel sensor. When removed, this sensor is 5-6 inches long and goes straight up into the tank. You can visualize that the top of it must be right next to the inside of the tank. When I knocked on the tank near the sensor hard enough, I could hear the buzz again. I lifted the rear of the tank, unscrewed, and removed the sensor and stuffed it up with a rag -- of course gas flowed everywhere before I stopped it (this was stupid of me - I should have removed the tank and put it on its side). I took about 1 inch of 5/8 inch fuel line and slid it over the top of the sensor. I tried putting the sensor back in the tank but, the fuel line would not fit through the sensor hole. I was able to peel the outer layer of the fuel line off. About half way into the fuel line is a thread - I peeled off the outer rubber and threads, stuffed it back onto the sensor, and reassembled it to the tank. I gave it the knock test and NO BUZZ. I could not ride test it because I had the phase sensor apart. The pliers finally allowed me to remove that sensor. I used a razor blade to scrape off the Guzzi sealant gunk and brake cleaner on the contact points. I also used Permatex ultra copper gasket maker and reassembled.

Anthony Fiore