F.I. Clamp (& hose) Replacement

Just did the FI hose replacement on my 98 EV. I was not happy with the fit of Gates 5/16" hose so am using BMW car fuel injection hose. Also, when I removed the last "Y" of tubing, the ends at the splitter had non-reusable crimped hose clamps. The far ends at the regulator and at the injectors had more traditional screw surface hose clamps.So I was in the market to buy at least three replacement hose clamps.

I had been advised to use specialized fuel injection hose clamps. Traditional hardware store hose clamps are not good as the screw ridges pass through the clamp and tear at the surface of the hose. The fuel injection clamps from my local NAPA supplier sucked. They did not clamp really well, even at full use of the screw and they left this lengthy screw end sticking out to get in the way of everything.

To the BMW car shop. Found some REALLY FINE fuel injection hose clamps. The entire inner surface is smooth to avoid damaging the hose surface.  The screw ridge surface is stamped into the outer metal surface of the clamp and does not penetrate through to the hose. The screw mechanism is very small, but formed of VERY stout material. These work perfectly.

BMW car part number
07-12-9-952-104 $1.13 each

UPDATE: 11.07.05:
The brilliant BMW hose clamps,
07-12-9-952-104 have increased in price from $1.13 to $1.55.  Still the best clamp around.

The 8mm ID Kevlar fuel injection hose is no longer available on a bulk roll.  It now comes pre-cut for various position applications on the cars.  The longest piece available is 1 meter.  The part number is 13-31-1-469-781 for $14.21 for the meter.

Patrick Hayes - pehayes@comcast.net