Faulty Starter switch on your newer Guzzi?

When starting the bike the start button does not turn over the engine. No sound accompanies this attempt. In all cases, the kick stand is up, the kill switch is on, and clutch is pulled in. When turning the ignition to run, the pump cycles. However, pressing the start button elicits nothing!

The bike will still bump start. In fact just attempting to bump start the bike will usually make the start button work.

Trouble Shooting:
1. Check that kick stand is up; kill switch on, ignition on, clutch pulled in.

2. Check the kick stand switch. Work it back and forth. For the really
adventurous, use a continuity tester to see if switch is working.

3. Check the kill switch to make sure it is making connection in the on position (though it is unlikely the pump will cycle if it is completely faulty).

4. Check the clutch micro switch to make sure it engages

Check the clutch connection to the starter. The clutch has a cable which routes to the back side of the starter motor. In some cases the connector works itself loose enough to cause this intermittent starting problem. Bump starting will work if not connected and trying to bump start it is sometimes enough to re-establish connection.

  In other cases the clutch micro-switch itself is faulty (I have been Informed by my dealer they have replaced several of them).  The way to test this is to determine if power is getting to the starter with the clutch pulled in.
  Fix is to replace the part.

Mark C. John