Fork Oil Filling Tip
Techsters: I have my wife, who has horses, to thank for this tip.

   Turns out there are very large syringes and needles available at your local feedstore (for you city folk, you can probably get them online).  I got a 60 cc syringe and a 14 ga needle for 3 or so dollars.  I cut the needle to a length of about 1 inch with a blunt tip and used this to put oil into the forks on my Bassa.

   A couple of tips: (1) don't use the syringe to measure the oil, do it
in a separate container or use the markings on the bottle and (2) do not draw the oil into the syringe thru the needle; instead, remove the plunger from the syringe, point the blunted needle down, put your finger over the tip of the needle and add about 45 cc of oil.  Insert the plunger far enough so that oil won't spill out, invert the syringe and push the air out.  Then you just put the needle into the opening on the forks and squirt the oil in.

   Once you get the technique down, you can fill the forks in 10-15 mins with little mess.

Rich Arimoto

   You can buy a 4oz clear plastic bottle with a funnel nozzle screw on lit. They are available at many craft stores i.e. Hobby Lobby, cost about 79 cents. I have found a bunch of uses for them in the shop. To list just a few:

    -Fill with distilled water to top off your battery, does not spill it all over the place, or overfill.
    -The small tip fits nicely into the very small fork fill hole of my 98 EV. Did mine about a month ago and did not spill         any fluid.
     -I also use as an oiler to get at those hard to get at spots.

   After each use they can be cleaned out and reused, although I would recommend that the one for distilled be reserved for that only.

Russ Marooney