Front Brake Light Switch for Centauro and Other Late Models

I was checking my Centauro this morning and found that the front brake light switch didn't work.  It was in adjustment, but the switch was bad.  Rather than pay between $20-$40 for a new Guzzi item, I checked
Radio Shack for a similar switch.  Either a 275-016 or 275-017 will work fine.  You have to break off the metal lever or lever and roller before you can use it. Since it is a SPDT switch, use the two outside terminals. The connectors just snap on the Centauro, while a little soldering would be required for an SPIII or similar bike. The best part is they are readily available and only cost around 2 dollars.

Charles Rader

(Harley uses similar relays on the injected Ultra Classics that Guzzi uses thru out their bikes Ed. - Ed Milich)