Fuel and Oil Filter Alternatives
Use at your own risk

The Bub Outsider Sump uses a 3614 filter. ie Fram PH3614, Advantage Auto AA3614, etc.

Crossover numbers from parts books & actual users:

NAPA gold 3008 or 83008

BIG A 95008

Beck/Arney worldpart 043-0660

Hastings GF106, Purolator F50155 - used by Ron Komoroski

Bosch 0-450-905-021

WIX 33008

VW-AUDI 431-133-511 &;431-133-511A

Deusch FF507 from Advance Auto Parts - by Rich Maund rmaund@pinn.net

V11Sport Fuel Filter Alternatives
- thanks to Charles Rader
Uses the same one as a 1100 Sport.

Cross reference is:

Napa Gold 3023BP

Fram G-477

WIX 33023

AC Delco GR-600.

All fit the Nissan Pathfinder V-6

Purolator F67221, and Wix 33310 which cross reference post 1992 Honda
Passports, Isuzu Troopers, and Rodeos

The Napa 3008 will only fit the V11S, etc. if proper hose fittings are obtained.(usually banjo fittings, but there
are other adapters, but they are hard to find.) - David Laing dlaing@san.rr.com