Fuel starvation problem on a T3

I've had this on-going problem with my T3, for a while now, where it gives symptoms of fuel starvation, even to the point of quiting for a lack of gas... but there's 2-3 gal left in the tank, on an erratic basis... sooner sometimes, later others. Damn near got stranded after only 130 miles on the tank. I thought it was maybe the Kreem I put in the tank 20 years ago that used to be the hot tip, that now everyone says is junk. Then I thought it was maybe the breather hole in the gas cap-but everyone says that would be worse with the tank full, not empty, & opening cap makes no diffrence. To make a long story short, I had these clear, conical, brass inside colored in line fuel filters, look ok, no visible sign of junk in them-but take them off & run just fuel line... Bang, problem solved, run it over 200 miles
on the tank, and takes in almost 5.5 gal, not even on reserve tap.

Bob Dickman
guzzibobdickman@-nospam-netzero.net (remove -nospam-)