Dual plugged, Hot-Rod Bassa

For my dual plugged Bassa I used a pair of Dyna 1.5 ohm dual tower coils. The stock coils were about 1 ohm, and for a little more reliability Dyna suggested 1.5 ohms. The way I wired them, I think, is a good way - The power from the ECU powers a pair of relays - one for each coil - and they provide the operating current for the coils from an automatic reset circuit breaker fed from the hot battery bus. You don't necessarily need two relays, but I like to have built in spare parts. The signal wire from the ECU is wired direct to the neg., same as original. I built some aluminum brackets with good size section for heat sinks and the coils mount roughly in the original spot with good cooling air flow. I use Doug Lofgren & FIM Ultimap for tuning. The FIM software allows timing adjustment, and last year Doug ended up taking 14 degrees out at 4k rpm, due to miscalculations on my part. Too much compression and not enough squish. But it was time to ride, middle of May, so I figured I'd put it together and let'er buck. Well, it would run on 92 octane but took a light throttle hand or I would have run over the crankshaft. 100 octane from the airport was much better and I could run 5th gear down to 2500rpm and just roll it on with no rattle. Midrange and upper midrange were about even with a friends Valkyre. Regular riding I didn't have to shift much. Now I have a set of heads over at Mike Rich Motorsports, the bore for next summer, might go back to 92. Last year I ran Lemans heads with a 94mm bore. There are some other things for next years tune-up that will be different too, I'll let you know if I can get 90 horse.

John - now in Wisconsin