1100 Sport Intermittant Electrical Problem

Blows Main Fuse - Intermittently
Bike will run if already started.
No lights, no starter from the blown fuse.

The +12V DC wire to the idiot lights had rubbed through the insulation and then the paint of the subframe/ headlight assembly.

Solution: Fix wires (however you want...the correct way is to replace but black tape will do). Touch up the frame paint to prevent rust. Then find a piece of rubber hose [hint: look up your nose-bwahahahaha- ed the ed.] (fuel line or something of similar diameter) and split it with a razorblade and put it around the subframe and wire tie it. Now it's nicely insulated and you don't have to worry about it again.

Viva Baby!
Eric Todd Trosper
Wisconsin Rep MGNOC

G5-Motorvation sidecar
1100 Sport
RGS Executive