John Tavo's Rippin' Rosso

Just a report on how the PC works on my Rosso, but first a list of Mods done:

Mike Rich Motorsports "Street port" work on the heads. This is his mildest work done to heads. This is best for stock bikes
that involves no other work like cams, pistons or compression changes. What this basically achieves is perfect uniformity between heads in regard to flow (stock 113.9 CFM, 132.2 CFM after). He also put in his own valves and guides after informing me that the stock valves are wearing due to the valve guides cutting into the top of the stems. His valve guides are chamfered to prevent this. Results? The motor revs so freely it is scary. Pulls stronger up top also.

Agostini CF slip ons for that nice low sound that makes Ducati people jealous! Supposedly adds a couple of HP but drops torque a little.

Drilled 6, 2 inch holes in the top of the airbox and installed K&N filter.

Dymags that dropped 16 pounds of rotational weight. 5.5 inch in rear with 180 Michelin Pilot Sports. (great tires)

New Ohlins suspension, front forks and rear shock. Better compliance and control, win, win deal!

Now the best part, the
Power Commander III.

Went to an authorized Power Commander tuning link center to have a custom map done for my bike. This is the best way to get things perfect. Downloading maps do work, but the best is to have a map made for your bike.

I did not have the bike dyno'd before any of these mods, but most stock V11 sports put out about 76-80 rear wheel HP and 63 Ft-lbs of torque.
The first dyno run without the PC netted 84 HP and 61 Ft-lbs of torque with a slightly lean condition. There was also a big dip in torque from 38-4500rpm.
Power Commander's single plug snaps into place, and tuning begins. End results: HP went from 83 to 90.3 at the rear wheel Torque went from 61.4 to 68.3! The best part is Torque increased 12 pounds at 3500 and 9 pounds at 6000 with just a slight dip at 4700 rpm.

Drivability is perfect at all rpms with no hesitation, surging, coughing or sputtering!!! It pulls like a freight train anywhere and rockets off like mad at 5000 rpm straight to rev limiter at 8600! No drop off either at those revs.
Nail this bike in first gear and the front end gets very light.

This bike will eat Centauros for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!
For all the non believers in the PC, do a little research and find out how it works, I'm a believer, the PC was worth the money.


John Tavolacci
(I suspect that when John adds the Stucchi X-over the dip in the mid will go away, and he'll see a few more ponies on top.