Leaky Fuel Injector?

  I had this a leaky injector on my 96 Cal 1100i. It started about 4 days after I had the bike into the dealer to check for another possible fuel system problem.  What I would notice is after I started the bike in the morning, fuel would run out of the right side injector. What I did was pull the injector out and reinstall it to make sure it was seated right and that the 2 piece collar and snap ring that hold the injector inplace were closing all the way. The problem went away.
  I did notice that the collar on this side did not close as completely as the one for the left side injector. The only cause for this leak I can come up with is that when the dealer worked on the fuel system, they might have bumped that injector out of place or that is vibrated loose after a couple of days. Of course the right side was alot  harder to get at to work on than the left side. I had 4 different snap ring pliers but still couldn't get one in at the right angle without taking the fuel tank off.

  You might be okay just to try and push the injector in and see if the collar and snap ring close any tighter.

Bob Winters