Lighting Test - '76 Moto-Guzzi Le Mans

Most older Moto-Guzzi models do not use a headlamp relay and all of the current for the headlamp is carried by the small contacts in the headlight switch on the handlebar. The following is a comparison test to determine the perceived amount of light lost running the stock headlight scheme, versus wired direct from the battery through a relay. The bike was positioned on the center stand, 10 feet away from the garage door. Located at the same distance was a digital camera mounted on a tripod, with the flash and all overhead lighting turned off. The pictures were taken using the low beam circuit of the headlamp, since this is what I use the most. The picture on the left shows the low yellowish glow of the stock scheme, with the picture on the right shows the much more intense white hue gained by running the power more directly.

Warren Kurtz