Electric to manual petcock conversion

Get rid of that troublesome electric fuel valve on your Jackal/Bassa/Stone etc. and replace it with the manual one that came on some í03 EVís before they placed the filter and pump in the tank.
  This should be the O.E.M. part number you will need:

Call up Todd Haven at www.mphcycles.com and he will set you up.  I think I paid about $20, so itís cheap! If you choose to replace fuel line, you will need 12mm fuel injection hose (BMW dealer or Todd can hook you up there also).  I used the existing fuel line.  The outlet angle on the new valve is 90 degrees instead of 60 degrees, so the best way to do it is to stick the valve up in the tank (donít screw the nut yet), then attach the hose, then screw the nut up and tighten it all up.  Now that you have your electrical one off, tape up the connector left hanging on the bike so crud does not get in there.  Also, look at your electric one.  On mine, the insulation on one of the wires going into the bottom was already split (after only 6,000 miles!) showing bare wires.

Comparison photo of the two.

Jeffery H. Brannen