Alternative mirrors for your 1100 Sport

I like the stock mirrors on this bike, but the rubber boots on mine cracked and disintegrated. This was probably due to exposure to the sun in New Mexico, which is where the bike used to live. After finding out that  the boots were not available separately, but new mirrors were (at $55 each), I started looking for alternatives. The best deal I found was for EMGO mirrors  for the 1999-2001 Honda CBR 600F4/2000-2001 RC-51 for $23 each at Cycle Gear. The part #s are 20-87022 (left) and 20-87021 (right). I don't know what the other Sport 1100s use - these mirrors may fit the carb models as well.

I did have to rotate the mounting plate 90 deg from how it is positioned on the Hondas, and I reversed the mounting screw where the mirror arm goes into the bracket. These mirrors don't have the rubber boot and will give if the bike falls on its side, just like the stockers. They also vibrate just like the stockers, but that is a function of the fairing mounting bracketry...

Jerry Riedel