Brembo Old Style F08 Nipple Repair

     I just finished doing the drill and tap thing on the F08s on the LeMans... 7mm is the next size over from the stock 6mm and the wrench size will be the same, nice when bleeding... I found the nipples at the local auto parts store, couple of bucks. Anyway, the drill size is 6mm or .236" or 13/64".... Also, I would buy two taps, one to start the threads and one to finish to the bottom, actually called a "Bottom tap"... if you can't find the bottom tap, grind the end of one of the starting taps up to the second approach thread and you will have the depth you need to get to the bottom with good threads. Cool the tip frequently when grinding the tip so as not to ruin the tap by getting it too hot. A little "bluing" is ok but go slowly. When drilling into the caliper the drill is going to want to dive right into the aluminum of the body, either use a drill press to keep from drilling too deep or just be careful not to hit the bottom of the hole too hard. Before you drill, put a small diameter drill into the hole and mark the depth to the bottom, transfer this measurement to the 6mm drill and put a round of tape on the drill for a stop guide.

Good luck,
Rob D

(ed note: hee hee hee...nipples!-ed the ed.)