Hawker Odyessy Battery Info.

I am aware that a popular replacement for the original battery in several Guzzis is the Odyesssy model PC-625. I  am also aware that you can no longer use the tool tray that comes under the seat.
For 30 bucks more, the Odyessy model PC-925-L is the correct replacement for what, (at least) came in an '01 EV.  Probably the same for '98 & '99 too. Not sure about others. Because the terminals are a different angle, it is a  PITA to get the bolts in. Also, the dimentions are just different enough that you cannot use the hold down. It  was necessary to put the tank bolt back without it having it hold the tool tray too. But the tool tray still fits under the seat ok. Everything is pretty secure and because of how the terminals are oriented, I see no danger of shorting out against the frame or anything. I believe the difference between the 925 and the 925-L is that the  terminals are swapped around. There is also a designation with that called MJ. That means the batt has a metal  jacket. (The dimentions don't change.) The number would look like this PC-925-LMJ. With or without the metal  jacket, you would want the "L" designation so as to have the terminals on the proper ends.
By comparison, it is my understanding that with the 625, it is necessary to use some styrofoam or something to take up the extra space and stabilize the battery from moving around. Possibly above it too. It also has about  half the capacity of the 925.
I know many people opt for the smaller of the two, both for weight savings and cost. I felt I wanted to retain my  tool tray and also have more capacity for running the extras like GPS, XM Radio, and heated vests/gloves. (Yes plural, for two at times.) Before you comment on the last part, I understand that will not keep the battery from discharging when running around in town. What it will do is have more reserve so that it would not reach a critical low as quickly. A new volt meter awaits installation also in order to monitor that situation.
There is of course the inexpensive "garden tractor battery", HD Battery, etc.
I like the idea that the Odyessy will not leak, make fumes, or corode the stuff near it. Also they bill the 925 as having an expected service life of 5-8 years! $130.00 doesn't seem so bad for that kind of life. It also has a shelf life of two years which means it will not be necessary to charge it once a month for us northerners who cannot ride year round.
I thought I might throw this out there for anybody interested. I am aware that we all have different reasons for what we do to our bikes, so this might not fit your plan. But hey, that's what it's all about.

Note: The battery hold down bracket that bolts under the gas tank bolt does not work. The tool tray that also bolts under that bolt is no longer bolted. I have used the bolt only for the gas tank. The tool tray still fits above the battery and is pretty secure, as it cannot go any place.

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'01 EV

Additional info. courtesy of David Laing, http://www.scripps.edu/~dlaing/v11s/

The V11 six speed spine frames take a:
Hawker Odyssey  PC545
Voltage: 12 Volts
Capacity: 12 Amp Hours
Dimensions: 6.91" L x 3.28" W x 5.11" H
Weight: 10.8 Pound(s)
Or you might be able to get the PC545MJ (untried) if it is not too big:
Dimensions:  7" L x 3.37" W x 5.17" H
Weight: 12.6 Pound(s)

An alternative is the :
Westco 12V13L
Voltage: 12
Amp Hour: 13
CCA* 275
Length: 6-7/8"
Width: 3-1/4"
Height: 5-1/4"
Weight: 11.8lbs