Oil System Faults for Spine Frames

Here are a few problems I've seen on the oil cooler bikes.

1. Loose or fallen out oil pressure relief valve assemblies-- this is usually indicated when the oil light is on while the bike is running, except if you rev it to 5 or 6k rpm's, the light goes out.

2. Not enough oil in the case. This is common and usually indicated when in gear, rolling slowly and you gun it hard. The oil light will come on temporarily because the oil pickup is in the front of the motor, caused by the oil rushing back into the cases which lets a bubble of air into the oil system. Keep AT LEAST 3.5 quarts in.

3. Loose oil filter. If your oil light comes on inexplicably, DO NOT run your bike even to check for problems. This is by far the most damaging.

Sean Fader