Fixing the Oil Temp. Sensor Leak

1. Unplug sensor wire, remove cover, carefully unscrew the allen screws and remove . It appears that the factory may have purposely damaged the threads so they would not loosen up. A few others and I were successful in reusing them with no trouble. Others had to re-drill the hole and use a larger screw.

2. Clean contact surfaces very well and let dry. I used brake cleaner. I left the original gasket in place.

3. Apply some flexible, non-hardening gasket sealant. I used Permatex 2B (general automotive stuff).
    Reassemble -- be careful with the bolts-they strip very easily. Make it snug. No gorilla force. I left a nice thin bead      around the outside of the sensor (it was still on the gasket, not the cover metal).

4. Let dry 24 hours and ride away!

Anthony Fiore