Phase Sensor Leak

1. Remove the two allen bolts on the sensor.

2. Try to pull the sensor out. The previous sealant required me to use pliers to carefully work it out.

3. Use a razor and contact cleaner to remove all the old sealant on the contact surfaces (sensor and engine). I had     old sealant all over the length of the sensor; I removed it all.
4. I used Permatex Ultra Copper Gasket maker and spread it around the upper "body" of the sensor and then put a     nice layer on the contact points. Others have used another product. They said: "Dribble Loctite "Wick and Lock"      on both ends of the sensor. Let it sit over night, then put it back and donít futz with it again." Your choice.

5. Reassemble but do not use gorilla force on the bolts because you will tighten/squeeze the new gasket material         out of the contact points.

6. Give it 24 hours to dry and ride!

Anthony Fiore