Quota Front End Tips

Front Suspension:
    When I first got my Quota , I noticed that the front end liked to dive excessively during braking, plus there was a a lot of reaction to wind and passing trucks. Many of the older BMW Airheads had the same problems.

  I heard that  increasing the fork oil weight from SAE 5 up to SAE 20 worked well. Others had tried to make adjustments to the preload spacers.

   I called both Works  & Progressive suspension, talked to their engineers, and gave them the fork spring specs. Both companies came to the conclusion that the springs were way under rated for the Quota. 

    For a number of reasons I decided to go with the progressive forks springs Part # 11-1141. I also bumped up the fork oil weight up to SAE 10. I started with the preload spacer set as the instructions recommended, then I tried adding to and subtracting spacer length to tune for my weight.  Results were a dramatic improvement in handling and braking .

Russell Marooney