RAM Clutch Service Life Data Point by Topi Kuusinen

I just noticed that at about 45000 kms the disk of my RAM single-disk clutch was starting to slip.

This happend yesterday afternoon, and I'm leaving for Germany with the bike next Wednesday. Sigh. What to do? Thinking about nursing a fully packed Le Mans with a slipping clutch up the autobahn on the hills near Kassel made me decide pretty quickly.

Luckily I had a spare disk, but I had to get my hands dirty again. Just  when I thought I got everything in check after replacing the front end. I took off into garage a bit after four in the afternoon.

The disk was not very worn, only about 0,3 mm thinner than the new plate, but the friction surfaces were dirty and glazed.

BTW, I think a Le Mans with stock engine would not have had the clutch slip - yet.

Topi Kuusinen, Finland