Moto Guzzi Rear Drive Inspection and Clean up Instructions

These instructions are designed for use on a Lemans Mk5 you may need to adapt them slightly for your model.  Follow the sequence for assembling the rear drive as it does make things easier.


Pop it on the centre stand.
Drain the bevel oil Remove the seat, side panels.
Pull out the two bolts that secure each rear foot peg hangers to the frame (to make room for the swing arm to come out)
Remove the R calliper and remove the rear wheel
Loosen all the shock mounting bolts but remove only the RH shock (the one that attaches to the bevel box).
Remove the four nuts that hold the bevel box to the swingarm, and remove the box. Take care to catch the little link piece and pull out the shaft. Donít lose the seal.
Loosen the rubber boot hose clamp between the rubber boot and the gearbox.
take off the outer nuts off the swingarm mounts. Remove the swingarm pivots.
Pull the LH shock off and pull the swingarm out.
Take care to find the jubilee clips and rubber boot.


Clean the swingarm. Pull out the little seals on the spindle and remove the little spacers and remove the inners for the bearings (tapered rollers). Clean up and repack with grease.

Pull the UJ out of the UJ support bearing. Take a good look at the support bearing, make sure it spot on. No noise. Any doubt? Get it changed, cos it will take out the UJ. Itís only a few quid from Moto Mecca or Wessons.

Inspect the UJ for any play or damage to the seals.  You might want to strip the UJ and re-grease it while itís out. But then again you might not.

Remove the drive shaft and clean the shaft, you might want to pull off the circlips and give it a good clean with a toothbrush. Make sure the splines are spotless. Inspect splines for wear.

Do the same with the UJ spines and the bevel box splines and the spacer/link piece.

Re-grease with good quality moly or LM grease, slap it on.  Put a little gear oil on the UJ seals to keep them moist.

Clean and re-grease the swingarm pivot threads in the frame. Take care of these cos if theyíre knackered its new frame time. Take care putting the pivots back in. Make sure the pivot enters the SA bearing and doesnít pull the thread out.


Put swingarm back in. The trick to getting the UJ lined up is easy. Stick the UJ in the support bearing in the SA, stick the shaft through the SA into the UJ and put the link piece on the shaft.

When you offer up the swingarm just turn the shaft till the UJ engages in the engine EASY! Donít forget the little spacers inside the seals on the swingarm pivot. BE CAREFULL WITH THE PIVOTS DONT DAMAGE THE THREADS. Donít forget the rubber boot on the motor. 

Replace the LH shock.
Put the bevel box on, donít forget the rubber seal. Tighten it up hand tight but dont fasten it up yet.
Put the RH shock on.
Stick the wheel back on.
Tighten the bevel box/swingarm nuts.
Put the calliper on.
Fill the bevel with oil (EP80/90).

Kevin Foote