Rear Main Bearing Pulling

This is what happened when I used the correct factory tool (screwed in fully). I've since heard of other far more professional people doing this who now use a modified puller that screws into all six holes (after cutting a thread in each hole). In hindsight, I remember reading Guzziology, which mentions this problem.  I should have realized that I was putting far too much pressure on it to start with but I have done others with no problems. This one went bang in a spectacular way followed by my cries of “oh what joy”, as it was scrap. I ended up using a 3 legged puller which did a far better job.

[ed note: If some ham fisted hack assembled the rear main with any kind of silicon-based gasket goo, this could happen to you. Also, it couldn’t hurt to give the rear main a few whacks with a wooden mallet before you attempt any pulling. 

   Pete Roper of Australia reports having good luck pressing the rear main bearing assembly out by using a hydraulic press and using the crankshaft as a ramrod. Using this method, one would press on the front of the crank, where the alternator mounts. He reports that there is no damage to the rear main bearing or the crank when using this method -ed the ed.]

Mal - West Yorkshire (UK)