Relay Replacements for your new Guzzi.

Relays for Late Model Guzzis

1. MotraTech's MGR-C20 and MGR-C20S relays are replacements for the Siemens V23073 and other relays on your late model Guzzi. These relays are 4.6 mm. taller and 3.7 mm. longer than the V23073.  Inductive spike suppression resistors are included across the coil terminals to protect other devices in the circuitry as well as the relay’s contacts.  This resistor is not present in the V23073. The MGR-C20S is the epoxy sealed version of the MGR-C20.  The dimensions and ratings are the same.
See; -- These replace Dan P's GEI AR4-012-C11. It is a far superior direct plug-in replacement  for the Siemens V23073 and V23074, Bosch 0-332-207-307, Radio Shack/Tech America 900-2391 (NLA?) and Tyco A1001-A402 and A1001-A403.

Radio Shack's
part number # 900-2391 which is a Siemens V23074 to replace the
original Guzzi used
Siemens V23073.

Bosch 0 332 207 307 will also work, and in fact, is the official Guzzi replacement.

Sources for earlier "automotive style" 12 volt relays and holders as used on mid 1980's bikes

They even have a nice double relay holder that I used for headlamp rewiring. One relay to low and one relay to high. - Patrick Hayes

2. Mid-State Auto Parts - (614) 888-3838 - 5388 Byers Cir., W. Columbus, OH
They have 12 volt relays from Bosch and holders from Packard Electric - Ed Milich