Rossa Corsa PCIII Wiring Warning by Daniel Cooper
A warning on installation of the PC-III on a Rosso Corso. There is a ground wire attached to one of the mounting bolts on the stock ECU. When the ECU is removed to unplug the connector to plug into the PC-III, the grounding wire is flopping around RIGHT NEXT TO THE HOT ON THE BATTERY ! To my sorrow, it touched and within a second or two burned up ground wire, which is inside the loom going into the ECU jack, and therefore fried the insulation on some of the wires going into the connector.


  My advice to everybody is to put some electrical tape over the end of the ground when you disconnect it.

  Anyways, I put some paint on insulation on the wires that got burnt, made up some new grounding wires to replace the cooked ones, wrapped everything up and strapped it down, and it seems to work fine.