Suspension settings for your '02 Ohlins suspended Scura

When I took delivery of my 02 Scura # 545 this past March, I was very disappointed with its ride quality. It was brutally harsh and stiff.  The lack of compliance in the suspension was well... painful. This was also compounded by the fact I had a faulty rear shock which was finally replaced under warranty.

Once the new shock was installed, I decided to tackle the suspension adjustments myself using several suggested settings from other websites. I don't know how these "experts" arrived at their settings because unbelievably, the bike got worse! Lesson learned? I will not trust any self-proclaimed "experts" I have not actually met.

Roger G.
Castaic Lake, CA

The following settings are for a @180# rider (total with all gear on):

Front forks:
Set sag to 1/2" (12.7mm) - we found this to be approx. +5.5 turns from full soft on the spring preload setting.
Compression: +3 of 28 (max) from full soft.
Rebound: +6 of 28 (max) from full soft
We pulled the forks up through the triples @3/8" (9mm) or to the third line on the forks under the clip-ons, to maximize stability.

Rear Shock:
This bike was equipped with a warranteed Ohlins unit, so hopefully these will be within a good range for the stock Ohlins shock as well.
Spring preload set to 1/2" (12.7mm) sag. +4 turns from stock position.
Compression: +12 of 23 (max) from full soft
Rebound: +24 of 39 (max) from full soft.

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