Fragile Speedo Cable Fix

When I got my 91 Cal III broke speedo cables regularly after only a few thousand miles.  I carefully routed new cables to avoid sharp bends but nothing worked.  They always broke just above the transmission.  Finally, my dealer didn't have a cable for the Cali, but he had one in stock for the 1100s.  It is a couple of inches longer than one that came in the bike, so I decided to give it a try.

About 25000 miles later I'm still running that cable.  I bought a Le Mans IV this spring and broke two cables in 7000 mi.  I've installed the longer cable from the 11000s in this bike--it fits fine, and the extra length seems to allow a more gentle bend above the tranny, as it did in the Cali. I predict it will outlast several of the shorter cables.

Steve Kropelnicki