Sport 1100 Wiring Problems

Models affected: All Sport 1100 models, presumably those with a lot of miles.

Problem location: Alternator wiring where it routes along the left
front edge of the fuel tank.

Problem description: Chafing of wire insulation or wire bundle. Can be identified without removing the fairing. Use a flashlight and shine the light into the area directly at the left front edge of the fuel tank in the region of the ignition coils. Look for signs of wear on any of the wire bundle where they may rub against the tank. Gently tug apart the various harness elements and carefully examine the upper portions.

Solution: Add additional insulation by wrapping with electrical tape if necessary. May require removing fuel tank. Re-route or re-position the bundles to avoid further chafing. The alternator wires are the two heavy gauge yellow wires, if there are bare wires in evidence, remove the tank, disconnect the wires at the two heavy gauge single in-line connectors and slide some heat shrink over the wires to re-insulate them. Do not do this with the tank in place if you are going to use a heat gun on the heat shrink. If there are wires worn through, find a way to replace that section of wire, or replace the alternator. These are high current wires at higher rpm's, should they become bare and melt through a nearby part of the bike, say, the fuel tank, you could find your vertical velocity exceeding your forward velocity.

Models affected: All Sport 1100i models

Problem location: Connector under left side of rear tail section, below the relay block and buried in the wiring beneath the relays. White/brown wire on second relay from front, rearmost relay socket (relay contact 86) contact on left (outboard) side of relay. Identified by heat shrink tubing on white/brown wire that descends into wiring harness to single contact Packard type connector.

Problem description: May work loose over time, results in non-operation of engine.

Symptoms: Lights work, starter works. Fuel pump makes no sound, engine will not start.

Solution: Remove the tail fairing, dig into wiring under the relays, find this connector and re-seat it.

Carl Allison

Modesto, California
97 MG Sport 1100i "Bright Red Italian Bugswatter"
97 MG California 1100i
MGNOC 17546