Stripped Sport 1100 Axle?

Short note about some recent trouble I had with the rear axle on my 95 sport 1100. I was removing the rear wheel to change the tire and found that the axle was corroded in place. In the process of backing it out I damaged the internal threads inside the axle. The axle has some internal threads that accept a long 12mm allen cap bolt. I had to hunt down the appropriate tap to chase these threads. That was a chore. The threads are a 12mm fine metric size. I live pretty close to the Chicago outlet for J&L Industrial Supply so I stopped by there this morning and found that they have stock. The tap is 12 X 1.25mm. I now have a virtually new tap in my tool box if you need it because you got a little heavy handed with a hammer. :) Let me know by e-mail; and I can loan it to you. I'll mail it out or Fedex it on your account if you are really in a hurry.

Also, the small seal on the rear diff is 35-52-7  available at Motion Industries for under ten bucks.

Tomas Grim