Fast Idle/Seat Spring Swap

  Well, I posted a question a while back about how to fix the problem with the fast-idle lever not staying open w/o my holding it in position, on my
'02 V11S. It was then explained to me (in small words that a newbie like me can understand) that Moto Guzzi had screwed up somehow and put way, way, WAY too heavy a spring on the end of the cable by the injector housing on the right cyl. and that all I needed to do was take the wimpy spring out of a click-y pen & substitute it. Discussions then ensued as to the sanity of the engineer at Mandello responsible for this screw-up, etc. etc.

Well, today when I finally actually checked under the seat and used the "trunk latch" for the 1st time, I discovered the real answer to this mystery in a flash! You see, the spring on the trunk-latch is WAY too light for it's application, as well as being somewhat longer than needed. Hmm... Hey Pinkie, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Guzzi didn't spec too strong of a spring for the fast-idle: they mixed-up the correctly spec'd springs locations! Getting that skinny little spring back off the cable-end for the trunk-latch takes time & patience, but is easily done w/o damaging the spring. (I can only imagine how many man-hours of labor time are lost putting the wrong spring on the end of the cable in the first place!) Once that's done, the rest of the swap takes less than 5 minutes.

The spring originally (incorrectly) placed on the fast-idle lever cable fits perfectly in the appropriate space between the keeper & latch on the seat-release cable, and provides a suitably stiff resistance to the latch movement that you can't just smack the seat hard and have it bounce loose! The spring originally (incorrectly) placed on the seat-release fits splendidly in the correct spot on the end of the fast-idle cable, and provides precisely the correct resistance to the fast-idle lever up on the left handlebar.

Ain't life grand when you can solve its little mysteries?

Bruce B.
aka "Skeeve"