Jackal throttle locked up? The Cure!

   I went out to the garage to take the Jackal for a spin the other night, and the throttle will not turn!
Strange, since I had no problem when I rode it the day before. I took the twist-grip assembly apart and everything is fine there. There's no kink in cable. The bellcrank won't move freely - as a matter of fact, it won't move at all.

   I had a good buddy with lots of bike experience come over and check it out. He agreed with me that everything looked fine, but either the linkage, or one or both of the throttle bodies was frozen solid. We made plans to haul the bike over to his house for a teardown. Meanwhile, my excellent riding buddy sent me an e-mail suggesting I saturate the throttle shafts on each throttle body generously with 'WD40' and see if that would help. 3 days later, and after 9 heavy spraydowns, I'm glad to say everything is back to normal. We had ridden through a pretty heavy rain storm on our way back from the mountains. I'll be making a regular spraydown after each washing SOP now.

Jim Lucia