Low budget Cali custom throttle body covers by Frank Marsiglio

Like those billet aluminum throttle bodies but just can't spring for the money? Stock chrome plastic ones are brittle and cracked when waxing? (mine did) What's a person to do? Well I went to my local junk yard and salvaged a left and right outside mirror off a 1990-94 Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance, ($5-$10 each with some haggling), and got creative with my Dremel. After some chopping, sanding and spray can painting I had a pair of very durable covers that I could easily touch up if needed. Here are some pics. I had one chrome original left  to use as a template for the mounting holes on the left side. The right one was cracked and fell off somewhere, but the hole spacing was easy enuff to figure out. Just remember, the left mirror works on the left side of the bike and the right is for the right. It worked for me, might be okay for you too.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Finished Pic 5
Finished Pic 6