Locknuts and Spanners for Guzzi Transmissions by Tom Halchuk

I had my V11 Sport Transmission apart.  The transmission was leaking from the seams from the last 4 times the hack mechanic had it apart. There werer a few things wrong that I found.  But I'll skip that and cut to the point.

There are four locknuts & lockwashers in the V11 Sport Transmission.  They hold the shafts against the bearings and the clutch spline on the main shaft. I replaced them.  Sourcing from Guzzi would take too long.  After talking
with Mark Etheridge he gave me a size for the Eldo 5 speed. That is where my search began. I finally got a set from Eastern Bearing supply. BUT that took a week.  I decided to find a quicker source.  This is what I found.

All Loop, Tonti and Spline frame transmissions use locknuts and lockwashers. I found the manufacturer of locknuts and lock washers in Central Falls,Rhode Island.  They will ship same day and the cost is about $2 each .
The company website is

Locknuts (metric) are

V11 Sport - There are (2) KM 3 locknuts in the transmission
V11 Sport - There is (1) KM 4 locknut in the transmission
V11 Sport - The clutch spline locknut is size KM 5

Lock washers (metric)  are
Match the lockwasher to the locknut size.

Whittet-Higgins also sells TOOLS  Spanners, Sockets AND Thread Repair