U-joint to Carrier Bearing Fit

  If you have a failed or rumbling UJ on a large V (850/1000), normal advice is to replace the entire UJ and the roller bearing that it sits in inside the swinging arm.

  Sometimes, the UJ spins in the carrier bearing. If this is the case the UJ will simply fall out of the bearing on tear down. The UJ bearings themselves will seem to be OK (i.e. no play evident), while some vibration may be detected near the swingarm during operation. This situation can be cured by making the UJ a good tight fit in the bearing again. Take a center punch and make a couple of rings of punch marks around the shoulder of the UJ where it fits in the bearing. This takes up the gap and provides a good interference fit again. I have done this on a couple of bikes and it has still been fine a couple of years later.

Bryan McCrae