Bizarre Guzzis by Ed Milich

Face it. Some Guzzi owners have less then sterling tastes. In fact, some riders have refined their bikes’ ugliness to a new nadir. Hey, they’re still Guzzis, but would you been seen riding any of these bikes? Even so, these bikes obviously mean a lot to their owners. Here’s a gallery of Guzzis to make you grimace.


This one could be yours!


One part Guzzi. One part tractor.
One part ATV. One part

chopper by "xfolkboat"

More (bizarre) Guzzi chopper action...
The three horsemen have arrived (There were four, but the Harley broke down...) The Apocalypse is upon us!

Another great bizzarro find, courtesy of Ebay!
A Bizarre Loopframe spotted on Ebay
Mike Curtis left his bike at Mark Etheridge's shop for a month. Here's what the bike looked like as Mike pulled up to pick up his bike.
The one and only "Jesus Guzzi"
I'm sure that all the local Hayabusa riders begin tittering like terrified toddlers when this obviously hot rodded 850T pulls into view.
Yeah, reinforce those stereotypes!

lifted from
What happens during long Canadian winters with a heated garage, a torch and a large supply of mind-altering substances. Shot in Vancouver, July 2004. Contributed by George Dockray
How shriners go touring!

Contributed by Al Freeland
WTB: Yellow powder coated engine and blue powder coated wheels for concept bike...
The perfect Guzzi...if you're a midget with a chip on your shoulder.
FS: Eldo tank. $200. Paint fair. Petcocks included. HAUNTED BY GHOST OF SIOUXSIE SIOUX.
Buyer pays shipping.
FS: Endurance Race/Mod/Stunta/Paris Dakar/JC Whitney concept bike. $5000/trade
Ronald. McDonald. Rides. Guzzis.
Fer Sale: Eye Talian concept tractor whut can spread a ton uh manure faster than a jackrabbit jerkin off! $400 OBO
Guy: "I want a Loopframe Guzzi, whut to ride to the Elk's Lodge"
Other Guy: "I want a portable generator to power my huntin shack"
Both Guys: "Let's compromise!"
The Indiguzzi! Another ebay [ahem] treasure!
Note custom USD heads.
Headline: Australian proves that Americans dont have a monopoly on bad taste. From Aussie Ebay.
The Burnin' Beaver
Yet another reason that I left Ohio...
The Disease:Sportsteritis
The Symptoms: -an inexplicable desire to wear fringed leather chaps
                        -a constant craving for Bud Light in the can
                        -an inability to ride further than the distance between home and "Big Bud's Booze Hall and Charbroiler"
                        -an unnatural attration to girls in leather halter tops
Help stamp out this deadly affliction.