V11 Sport - Bike Wonít Start - Electronic Fuel Tap

I drove my bike to a friendís house the other day and when I went to start the bike it just burped a little then died.  I tried starting it several more times with the same results.  I checked the spark and the fuel delivery system.  There was plenty of spark, and there was pressure in the gas line.  After an hour of troubleshooting I noticed that a wire to the electric petcock was frayed. There was only one strand of copper holding the wire onto the connector. After taking off the tank, I ended up pulling the solenoid out of the petcock. I replaced the solenoid with a bolt. This left the fuel on all the time. I then replaced the tank. I was able to start the bike and ride to a dealer and order the part. I left it that way for a week with no problems.

The petcock wires are tie wrapped too tight.  There is no strain relief at the petcock solenoid.  To resolve this potential problem I put a glob of clear flexible silicone sealer on the solenoid where the wires connect AND put some slack in the wire where it is tie-wrapped.

If you are experiencing "vapor lock" symptoms with your V11 Sport or any FI Moto Guzzi you may actually be having an intermittent electric petcock failure...

Tom in Boston