V11 Sport owners... check your rear wheel bearings

Last year I had the differential off the V11 Sport and found an inner bearing ring in the bearing had actually scored blue and scored the rear axle as well.
(See Shrapnel Italia page for photo. Ed. - Todd)

Below is the parts list that scored after 12K miles. I'm suggesting that V11 Sport owners should check the axle, inner bearing ring and inner ring for damage. Mine probably scored due to high speed, long duration riding.  The differential oil was clean AND had moly added.
I ended up replacing the needle bearing, inner ring, and the rear axle.

The actual part numbers are:
Inner ring:
92 25 90 25
Needle bearing:
92 25 22 25
Axle-rear wheel spindle:
01 63 33 30

Tom in Boston

  The rear wheel of the V11 Sports is a cast aluminum wheel with a pressed fit steel tube (bearing carrier) put through the center.  This is why there is a lip on the steel tube on one side and a circlip on the other.  I believe Guzzi loaded the bearings in first, then pressed the center into the wheel.  This shrinks the fit onto the bearing; thus, shrinking the bearing outer race; thus,creating a bad wear pattern in the circlip side bearing.  Be sure to inspect the bearing the next time you’ve got the wheel off!  The bearing itself is a 6204, full sealed.  It can be bought a bearing shop for $5.00 - $6.00.

Patrick Grossman
Seattle, WA