Valeo Starter Failure

Here is an experience I wish to share with the membership. I own an '02 Stone. I take meticulous care of it and don't skimp when it comes to service and maintenance. With only 13k on the odometer my starter failed. I was at the Hampton Beach resort in NH. It was late Saturday afternoon and time to go home. I turned the key on, pressed the start button, and blew the ignition switch fuse. There were other bikers there and one gave me a replacement fuse. I replaced it and tried to start the bike and the fuse blew again. I replaced the fuse once more and bump started the bike. I was able to ride the 35 miles back home and  it ran fine with no electrical problems at all. I suspected the starter from the beginning but called several dealers for advise on how to trouble shoot this problem. First, I was told to check the wiring going down the left down tube where it is held by 3 wire ties for chafing, which I didn't find. Next I disconnected the hot (red) wire from the starter, turned the key on, pressed the start button and again blew the fuse. I then reconnected the hot wire to the starter and disconnected the smaller signal wire, turned on the key, pressed the start button and did not blow the fuse. This indicated that the problem was indeed in the starter. I purchased a new one from Harper's for $300 (double that at most dealers) and installed it in about 20 minutes. The bike started right up and has been trouble free since. Based on several discussions with various dealers and techs, this starter should not have failed in only 13k miles. I have sent a letter to Moto Guzzi NA with a copy of the invoice hoping for reimbursement as the bike was only 2 months out of warranty when this happened. I've read about problems with Valeo starters in the news letter. Here is a new one to keep in mind. Hope this helps.

Dana R Gregory