Bar End Mirrors Loose?

Are your bar-end mirrors loose? Is the metal expanding piece that is supplied with them worn out? Cut a piece of cork from a bottle of wine- the new synthetic type works best (if your wine of choice has a screw cap, please stop reading at this point…).  Cut the cork so that it will fit in the handlebar and drill a hole in the center. Now put it in the place of the metal expansion piece, and tighten it up. The tightening will expand the cork and hold the bar end in place better than the metal insert did. You mirrors should stop slipping now. Now celebrate with the bottle of wine that you just opened!

   By the way…the cork from a bottle of Porto makes a great timing inspection hole plug on a Guzzi…

Update: A piece of 9/16" fuel line also works great as a bar end mirror grommet..infact, it works better than the cork material mentioned above. Use the fuel line with a M8 bolt and your bar ends will install easily and stay put once they're tightened up.

Ed Milich