Guzzi Racers and Their Bikes
by Ed Milich
If you race a Guzzi, please get in touch to be included here.
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Andrew Gray
1100cc Tonti Superbike

Martin W
V7 Sport


I am riding my V7 Sport on racetracks around Europe till now.
My race-class was "Grab the Flag" look at
Now I'm moving to florida with my wife and of corse my Guzzi racer.
The red photo is how she looked till last season.
The grey/green is how she looks now after a few work last winter.



Jeff Bottrell
Detroit, Michigan
AHRMA Vintage Superbike Middleweight Class
Wayne Childs
AHRMA Vintage Lightweight Class
Enrico Santacatterina
His racebike started out as an 850 T5!
more at
Scott Signorini
1976 Lemans
Jeff Gundlach
VIntage Superbike
Steven Brenton
Loopframe Racer
South Carolina
Andy Wanca
Andy Wanca races with AHRMA as part of Evil Axis Racing
Gyles Fairclough
Daytona RS
Gyles Fairclough is currently racing a Guzzi in the UK Thunderbike series ( 

Modifications to the bike have been pretty minimal due to a lack of funds, but its not too far off the pace.  The bike started life as a Daytona RS and has been re-wired with a Power Commander fitted and some modifications to body work and subfame.
Shigeru Honda
Alexandria, Virgina
V11 Sport 
I've won several regional championships on Ducati 750SS with WERA in 2006.
I'm now trying something new by converting (by just taking lights off...) my Guzzi
V11 Sport street bike in to a racer. I'll be racing  in Battle of Twins Formula 2 class with AHRMA and some CCS/ASRA races in Mid-Atlantic regions.

Pretty much bone stock, except for exhaust, K&N pod filter and Power
Commander with a reinforcement in the frame..