Sewer Pipe Ram Air

   The stock V11S rubber intake snorkels, located at the front of the air box, appear to be somewhat restrictive in as much as they have small, narrow openings.  I wanted to find a way to increase the size of the air intake for the air box without resorting to drilling holes in the top of the box or buying an expensive air box fix-it kit.  Here is my solution.

   Next time you’re in Home Depot (or other plumbing supply store) purchase two PVC 1-1/2 inch diameter “long” 90 degree elbows with female ends. Remove the stock rubber snorkels by loosening the hose clamp that secures them to the air box.  You will find that the inside 1-1/2 inch inside diameter of the PVC fittings are a perfect fit when placed over the air box inlet openings. Cut the PVC elbows as shown in the photos and file/sand the openings smooth.  Position the fittings on the air box inlet holes as per the photos. You may want to do this with the air box installed on the bike to get the angle just right. There is plenty of room under the tank for the new snorkels to fit. Once the PVC pipe is where you want it, drill holes (sized for the sheet metal screws that will be used to fasten everything together) through the PVC fitting and the air box.  Use three (per snorkel) number 6 sheet metal screws to fasten the sewer pipe to the air box.  That’s it—you’re finished.  I choose not to paint the sewer pipe and left it an “industrial” white--most of my motorcycle buddies already say that the Guzzi engine looks like if belongs on a tractor and with the sewer pipe installed it now looks like something from under the kitchen sink.
Look at the photo of the inlet sticking out from under the tank to get an idea of how much of the PVC pipe is visible.

   This project should take about two hours to complete depending how much one fiddles with the shaping of the elbow inlets.  For the budget minded the total cost is around $5.00 including the screws.  As far as a performance increase I don’t know how much difference sewer ram air makes as I installed a PCIII and home-made performance exhaust at the same time that I did this modification.  The intake noise is slightly louder at WOT.  After some MAP tweaking with the PCIII my bike gets 42 mpg and has no flat spots during acceleration.  Like a vasectomy the sewer pipe ram air modification is completely reversible should you get tired of assorted wise cracks from the inventively challenged. 

Tracy Martin <>