Small Block Lucas 'Prince of Darkness' Starters

   I ride a V65c (because I want to) and was having a recurring problem with the starter. Sporadically, when trying to start the bike I would only get a clicking sound. After one particularly upsetting episode, I removed the starter and took it to a local rebuild shop that had worked on my Fiat successfully. After 2 weeks and 300.00 dollars, I reinstalled it and guess what…after rechecking it they assured me it was something else. I tried several times on the MG chat line to get help, but got answers like "get a real Guzzi", "you’re riding a girls bike", etc.
I even e-mailed The MG monthly news and didn't get much better responses.

  Next I traveled a distance to a MG mechanic. A week and darn near 300.00 dollars later, I reinstalled my refreshed starter. A group of us went to Laconia and guess what. Starter still intermittently failed. Now I was thinking that I had a neutral safety problem.

   Two weeks after bike week, I borrowed a stethoscope (call me Dr.Phil) and found the click to be not only in the starter, but up front where the bendix drive pushes through. I pried off the plastic protector cap and tried it again. 5 minutes later and 2 sprays of white lithium grease (10 cents worth) the bike fired time after time. The prongs that are designed to hold the cap on had ' pulled in' with time and kept the drive from engaging the starter. I replaced the cap with a discarded oil bottle cap and shoe goo.

   W. C. Fields said it all, now I get down and dirty and keep my wallet in my pocket.

Phil Finocchiaro
Proud owner of a V65c.